An Enterprise Software and Data Analytics Provider

With a revenue of $377 million in 2013, this enterprise is a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry. Though their primary customer is the rental housing industry in North America, they have offices on 3 continents, over 12,000 clients worldwide, and have over 1 million users accessing their 70 platforms. When they contacted EmpowerID, their principal challenge was that many of their applications were not SAML compliant. They were built prior to the existence of that particular federation standard.

The decision was made to have the different application teams modify their platforms to use a common authorization interface. This would not only allow all of them to participate in a federated environment, but would minimize costs, reduce development time, provide a much easier and smoother solution (than other options), and prolong the lifecycle of their apps. In addition, they wanted to provision their users with access to all apps with a single log-on. They chose EmpowerID’s SSO Manager due to its stability, unmatchable feature set, and ability to provide them with a solid secure identity infrastructure. They have since used EmpowerID to allow their customers to use their corporate Active Directory to provision users into their Cloud and to create greater ease of use for their own large corporate customers. This client continues to use the EmpowerID platform to develop new features that improve client experience.