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    EmpowerID Extends Enterprise Security to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

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    Platform EmpowerID

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EmpowerID is the all-in-one Identity Management and Cloud Security platform designed for people. Globally managing millions of identities in diverse enterprises, EmpowerID offers comprehensive provisioning, single sign-on and access governance coupled with an industry leading user experience.

Driven by sophisticated RBAC and Workflow engines, EmpowerID tailors visibility to fit the specific information needs and the technical skill level of each stakeholder. With EmpowerID, users are empowered with shopping cart style access requests and self-service, enterprise security is improved through secure delegation, productivity gains and ROI are generated from single sign-on and process automation, and governance is enhanced with powerful audit functions and flexible reporting.

Built on a single codebase for manageability and scalability, EmpowerID ships with a powerful API, a visual workflow designer and over 400 ready-to-use workflows for rapid deployment.

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A complete solution for web single sign-on, federated identity management, and mobile identity security with integrated identity management services

Automate the process of provisioning, managing and de-provisioning users across multiple directories.

Enable, link, track, manage and disable multiple devices by user, while delivering consistent role-based access to applications from multiple platforms.

Identify and reduce risk in ongoing IT management, and to support regulatory compliance efforts around Identity & Access Management